30YD 8X 1.5LB
30YD 7X 2.4 LB
30YD 6X 3.4 LB
30YD 5X 5.0 LB
3OYD 4X 6.4LB
30YD 3X 8.2LB
30YD 2X 10LB
30YD 1X 13LB
30YD 0X 15LB
30YD 20 LB
30YD 25 LB
25YD 30LB
25YD 35LB
110YD 7X 2.4 LB
110YD 6X 3.4 LB
110YD 5X 5.0 LB
110YD 4X 6.4LB
110YD 3X 8.2LB
110YD 2X 10LB
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You can find Wapsi fly-tying materials in most fly shops worldwide. As a manufacturer / wholesale distributor, we do not sell directly to the public. If you are a retailer and would like to become a dealer, Click Here.
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