Our Super Jig Heads are designed with big fish in mind. Molded on a 2x Strong Mustad 32833BLN hook for strength with a low-vis black, nickel finish. These hooks feature a wide gap, conical needle point, and a micro-barb for maximum hook penetration. Ideal for Crappie, steelhead, salmon, bass, and trout jigs.

Qty : 10/Pkg.

1/8 PLAIN, #2 HOOK
1/16 PLAIN, #4 HOOK
1/32 PLAIN, #6 HOOK
1/48 PLAIN, #6 HOOK
1/64 PLAIN, #8 HOOK
1/64 PLAIN #6 HOOK
1/80 PLAIN, #10 HOOK
1/124 PLAIN, #10 HOOK
1/64 PLAIN, #6 HOOK
1/80 PLAIN, #8 HOOK
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